Strategy powered by people

Conscious Enterprise is an agency that activates the power of people to transform communities and organisations in regional Australia.

We partner to activate sustainable, people-powered change.

We’ll  help bring your ideas to life to realise the true potential of your bit of regional Australia.

  •  You know you need action.

  • You have ideas, and maybe a vision, but you can’t see a solution. 

  • You want to start working on the future today and need to make it happen now….but not in an ad hoc way. 

  • You know you need the right people to help you activate your vision.

You want an agency that really understands regional Australia, who knows the ropes, how to bring people on board, and how to unlock and activate the power of people to create change.

And you know you want all this hard work to result in transformations that stick and result in step change.

At Conscious Enterprise, we’ve spent years developing unique and effective ways of working with our partner organisations and communities to design and deliver highly effective outcomes that get the right people to the table to co-create enduring meaning, value and purpose.

What we do

We work with government, private sector, not-for-profit and social businesses to develop and activate game changing regional strategies that develop regional communities and economies  using a fully-integrated, collaborative process:

  • Together we define the strategy and how value is best activated and delivered

  • We work together to build the people power needed to deliver your vision

  • We generate collective commitment to change and progress. 


How we do it

Our solutions are co-operative, cutting edge, creative and... unique (there we’ve said it). When you engage us to partner with you, you get innovative solutions, tailored to overcome your current challenges and prepare your organisation or community for a positive and dynamic future.

We unlock and empower fresh, agile thinking to find opportunities in complex challenges that are mutually beneficial, with a commitment to reciprocity.

When you invest in us, you can be absolutely certain we are investing our all in you, your organisation or your community. And you’ll see us roll up our sleeves to work with you, side by side, right through from conception to completion. 

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Conscious Enterprise on multiple regional tourism projects, where they added great value to community engagement, facilitation and innovative thinking. Anna is always thinking outside the box and challenging people on the ‘if, why and how’, which results in creative, achievable strategic outcomes.
— Linda Tilman | Tilma Group

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