Future Skills 

Upskilling teams for the future

The world of work is changing – and our new Future Skills Program, currently rolling out in partnership with the Queensland Manufacturing Institute, aims to help regional workers at a frontline management level stay ahead of the curve.

Part of a broader skills building initiative for the manufacturing, social services and local government sectors, the program employs an experiential and transformational learning design, peer mentoring, team problem-solving and Lego® Serious Play® as key methodologies.

Soft skills development

From critical thinking and complex problem-solving to developing emotional intelligence, communication and collaboration skills, Future Skills is designed to inspire and support adaptive thinking habits and a team growth mindset.

Twelve production supervisors and 60 of their team members from three different manufacturers in the steel and metal fabrication industry are currently participating in the current 11-week Pilot Program.

In 2019, we will roll out tailored Future Skills programs for frontline staff in local government and social services across all the eastern states.

Collaborating with Anna is a wonderfully creative, wholistic process exploring new and different ways of addressing perennial workplace challenges
— Sarah Lebski | Sarah Lebski & Associates

Future proof your workforce