We plant ideas and we help you grow change.

That’s us in a nutshell.

We are partners, collaborators, innovators, activators. We’re passionate about empowering regional organisations, and the communities they serve, to realise their potential to truly thrive, not just survive. We believe in creating positive, purposeful change to benefit tomorrow’s generation as well as today’s. Because we know how regional people and places really tick.

We all know a good idea is simply not enough, what’s needed is the know-how and grit to bring that idea to life. Sparking curiosity. Experimenting. Problem-solving. Adapting. We’re known for our ability to bring together ‘out of the box’ thinking while grounding our ideas and insights in local knowledge, exceptional experience and a passion for delivering transformative regional tourism and economic development projects.

Meet Our Chief Activator - Anna

Anna Stephenson knows and has a deep understanding of regional Australia and the people who make their lives and businesses there.

For more than 25 years, Anna has served the people of regional Australia through her work across local government, research, not-for-profits, social enterprises and regional, rural, multicultural and Indigenous communities.

Whether managing economic development and tourism in Launceston, developing a transformational learning program for Indigenous youth in Toowoomba or co-designing an award-winning regional destination brand in Tenterfield, Anna is known among her peers as a ‘creative catalyst’, leading positive change and collaboration in large and small communities. She has a knack for unleashing the potential in people to grow their businesses and organisations, and even social movements.

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My clients see me as a trusted advisor and it’s a role I value and cherish. They know I am as committed to their success as they are. I love sitting with groups, hearing their stories, learning who they are and helping them uncover what they want to be. Drawing out the essence of the change they want to be, helping them realise they don’t necessarily need a Heinz factory to open in the town to solve the challenges they’re facing.

Anna's Industry Experience

An intuitive systems thinker and problem solver, Anna can spot those missing pieces of the puzzle. As a social innovator, she sees herself as a ‘dot joiner and glue stick’, unafraid to do what it takes to change the game, passionate about activating ideas, bringing a community together for a common purpose and collaborating to build something of value for future generations. 

Her early adult life as a wool grower in western New South Wales has equipped Anna with a pragmatic and grounded fearlessness to identify and tackle challenges, large and small, which she couples with a deep insight and understanding of the unique challenges facing Australia’s regional communities.

When she’s not bringing people together and making things happen, Anna can be found on the stage as deluded alter-ego ‘Anna Yoga’, getting messy and creative with Max and Digby, her grandkids or bushwalking in the ranges near her home in Toowoomba.

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