Activating strategy in regional Australia

Einstein is thought to have advised,

If you always do what you’ve always done then you will always get what you always got.

So when it comes to activating change we know how to do things differently.

Insight. Innovation. Momentum. That’s what we offer you and your project.

We’re always learning what works and what doesn’t to offer you new and effective ways to help you activate opportunities and overcome your challenges.

Thoughtfully co-designed programs and service experiences that are highly engaging, innovative and transformative are our specialty.

Activating Stakeholders

When working with stakeholders, our starting point is to focus on what’s strong, rather than what’s wrong.

We take an asset-based approach to understanding and mobilising relational power to produce sustainable and satisfying change in organisations and communities.

Starting with what’s strong enables local people to get organised to address what’s wrong and make what’s strong even stronger.

It also asks searching questions of those who seek to define certain neighbourhoods by the sum of their deficits, challenging them to open their eyes and see what is actually before them.  

We actively search for the capacities and resources that exist in every organisation and community (which include the gifts of individual members of your workforce or community, their ingenuity, cultural heritage, and economic possibilities).

We know that impulses to fix, save and deliver rarely results in sustainable transformation.

That’s why we prefer to remain curious, collaborative and humble.

We apply an asset-based lens to the design and delivery of stakeholder and community mapping, engagement and consultation that results in practical yet highly strategic stakeholder activation plans.

Our experience shows us that this approach delivers lasting and long-term stakeholder value that grows sustainable organisations and communities by activating the power of people.

Facilitation & Capability Building Workshops

Anna has over 15 years’ experience as a facilitator. Business, government, not-for-profits and community groups have engaged Conscious Enterprise to design and deliver hands-on three-dimensional workshop experiences that unlock the insights and potential of ALL participants to work together toward shared solutions.  She is a Certified Lego® Serious Play® Facilitator.


Lego® Serious Play® Workshops

Research shows that Lego® Serious Play® deepens the group reflection process and supports effective conversations, making sure everyone in your organisation is able to contribute. It is used by corporates, communities and universities around the world.

Using Lego® Serious Play®, Conscious Enterprise can help your organisation surface issues, hidden opportunities and challenges, build and integrate effective cultures and discuss the undiscussable;

We deliver Lego® Serious Play® Workshops that;

  • Solve problems and develop strategy

  • Design new services and user experiences  

  • Ideate, innovate and test ideas

  • Build teams and cultures

  • Identify, recruit and develop talent

Vision Backcasting Workshops

We use methodologies developed over 20 years by Kaos Pilots, a Danish hybrid business and design school that offers a world-leading multi-sided education in leadership and entrepreneurship.

This framework enables us to develop any educational program, learning strategy and curricular framework of any length for any vocation that aspires to deliver new attitudes, mindsets, skills and knowledge necessary for the personal growth and development of participants, clients, staff and the wider community.

We work with you to design a full map of the learning journey and create innovative learning spaces that activate and grow organisational and community leadership and capacity.



Mentoring is in our DNA. It’s what we love to do.

In fact, we’ve supported over 1000 graduates, middle managers, senior leaders and CEOs of government departments, not-for-profits and social enterprises.

From sounding out new ideas and reviewing plans to providing valuable one-on-one insights and perspectives on working with influence, we provide the catalyst to grow your wisdom and insight, activate your power and potential to lead change and effectively navigate the regional political and economic landscape.

Strategic Advice

Need someone with the strategic leadership experience to help you unpack the particular challenges you’re facing and provide trusted, high-level strategic thinking and advice?

We work with regional government and not-for-profits on a range of economic and social impact projects, supporting senior leadership teams to make the best decisions to improve their organisations or communities.

We ask questions, strength test ideas and strategies, facilitate consultation and provide expert guidance for growth, positive impact and those all-important next steps.

Regional Activation

We help organisations with the skills and resources to power positive change and transformation in their communities and regions.

Working with Anna has consistently been a pleasure! She takes an idea we have which is good and makes it great – through her commitment to delivering the best possible outcome, working effectively with our team and engaging and managing external stakeholders.
— Kate Venables | CatholicCare Social Services