Regional activation and transformation 

We are passionate about regional activation.

Our programs support forward-thinking regional government, business and not-for-profit organisations to design and co-create their future by bringing business and community together to work on collective goals that grow thriving and resilient local economies and social systems.

The Regional Game Changers Program

Our Regional Game Changers Program mobilises your strengths, resources and assets in innovative and highly strategic ways to create a seismic, positive shift in your community or organisation.

The Future Skills Program

Our Future Skills Program equips frontline managers, team leaders and supervisors in manufacturing, social services and local government with 21st-century people skills and emotional intelligence to lead their teams into a future where lifelong learning, and social and emotional proficiency, is the key to workforce development. 

We’re currently rolling out a Future Skills Pilot Program involving three small to medium-sized Queensland manufacturers, their supervisors and production teams, sponsored by the Queensland Manufacturing Institute (QMI Solutions) through the Queensland Government’s ME II Program.

The Regional Change Makers Program - Coming Soon

Currently, under development, our upcoming Regional Change Makers Program will equip regional people with the skills, capability and resources to activate change. Join our waitlist to be the first to register for this unique, experiential program when we open the doors later in 2019.

Become a regional change maker

Anna was great to work with. She is passionate about regional economic development. Her enthusiasm and passion for the regions are one of her “trademarks”.
— Andrew Crakanthorp | Riverina Water

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